Are you a sponsor and want to be a part of the Nigeria's most important entrepreneurship event for young people? Listed below are our sponsorship packages

Sponsor an entrepreneur (N 50,000)

* Open registration for one entrepreneur of your choice or one that we select. * We will ensure that one lucky entrepreneur will get fed, meet new people, learn a ton and hopefully build a successful startup!

Silver (Meal) (N 100,000)

* Company name/logo listed on the LYFECAMP website * Thank you & recognition during the meal you sponsor * Opportunity to display a sign or banner on the food table * Hand out materials, swag, and/or other related materials * Option to pay food vendors directly * Two tickets to the event

Gold (N 250,000)

* Identified in all media materials for LYFECAMP * Company name/logo listed on LYFECAMP website * Thank you & recognition during LYFECAMP event * Opportunity to hang banners at the event * Hand out materials, swag and/or other related materials * Two tickets to the event

Platinum (N 500,000)

* Custom survey of the startup community (we can create survey and produce report) * Invitation for a guest blog post on the LYFECAMP website * Offer a prize to an individual via raffle/vote. (e.g. iPhone, netbook, software) * All benefits of Gold Sponsorship * Three tickets to the event

Premier (N 1,000,000)

* Invitation to address the attendees for 3 minutes * Invited to set up a booth for your product/service during the event * Guest blog post on LYFECAMP homepage! * All benefits of Gold Sponsorship * Four tickets to the event

Contributing Sponsor

* Help support LYFECAMP with the press coverage, marketing, swag, food, software, discounts, etc. Anything the community will benefit from.


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